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Invantive Software B.V. Subscription Invantive Data Access Point for All Cloud

Add additional protocol support to cloud apps

Invantive Data Access Point is available as an online tool hosted by Invantive. The software allows you to exchange data across various communication protocols with Exact Online and over 50 other platforms.

Invantive Data Access Point acts as a proxy that based upon Invantive SQL statements exchanges data with all supported providers using several additional API output protocols:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON
  • BSON
  • Atom
  • RSS
  • CSV
  • Text
  • Excel 2007
  • XML+XSL.

Simplify integration and orchestration

The All Cloud Edition of Invantive Data Access Point provides provides the following benefits to optimize your business processes:

  • Simplify business process automation by simplified integration and orchestration.
  • Extend Exact Online and other cloud platforms by support for many additional communication protocols.
  • Re-use Invantive SQL statements to specify data downloads and uploads.

Supported Platforms

Please consult the minimum system requirements for full details.

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