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  • Invantive Apps for Exact Online

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Exact Online.

  • Invantive Apps for Freshdesk

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Freshdesk.

  • Invantive Apps for Gitlab

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Gitlab.

  • Invantive Apps for Nmbrs

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Nmbrs.

  • Invantive Apps for Dynamics CRM

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Dynamics CRM.

  • Invantive Apps for Stackoverflow

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Stackoverflow.

  • Invantive Apps for Magento

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Magento.

  • Invantive Apps for Open Data

    An overview of Invantive apps available for Open Data.

  • Invantive app for XML Audit Files

    An overview of Invantive apps available for XML Audit Files.

  • Invantive Composition for Word

    Compose enterprise critical documents using pre-defined templates and data from your enterprise databases and Document Management System within Microsoft Word, improving efficiency and reducing errors and costs. Discover how to regain control over Word!

  • Invantive Control for Excel

    Invantive Control for Excel has all the functionalities needed to determine the profitability of your projects and investments in real-time within Microsoft Excel. Discover how to regain control over Excel!

  • Invantive Query Tool

    Invantive's free Query Tool enables you to execute queries and retrieve data from Excel, Word and Oracle databases in real-time. Discover how to analyze your operational data fast with the Query Tool!

  • Invantive Vision

    Initiate, plan, execute and close projects online or with Microsoft Outlook. Invantive Vision has all the features you need to optimize your project and business process management. Discover how to improve your business processes with Invantive Vision!

  • Invantive Estate

    Invantive Estate has all the features you need to deliver your real estate projects on budget and on time. Discover how to streamline your real estate projects and create more business value with Invantive Estate!

  • Invantive Producer

    Invantive Producer is a development environment to conceptualize and develop high quality business rules based financial applications and software. Discover how to develop defect free software and applications with Invantive Producer!

  • Invantive Studio

    Invantive Studio empowers you to design, develop, deploy and evolve all your financial business software and applications. Discover how to develop high quality software with Invantive studio!.

  • Invantive Web Service

    The Invantive Web Service allows you to cloud-enable existing user applications, allowing access to enterprise systems and databases across the internet and the corporate network. Discover how your application runs as a cloud solution without connection hassles and bandwidth issues!

  • Invantive Dotnet Optimizer

    Invantive Dotnet Optimizer provides a graphical user interface to NGEN. It allows you to easily optimize the start time of your Microsoft .NET applications by pre-compiling the executable and related assemblies into native code.

  • Invantive Scheduler

    Invantive Scheduler allows you to accelerate your business processes without increasing costs. Invantive Scheduler makes more of your available resources by automating processes as recurring background jobs. Real-time, event-driven, whenever your business needs it.

  • Accounting modules

    Invantive products can easily be linked with different accounting programs. Discover how to interchange financial project information between Invantive and the accounting program of your choice!

  • Invantive Bridge

    Invantive Bridge enables you to connect your applications and data using the same technical features as offered by the range of Invantive products. Invantive Bridge provides cloud connectivity as well as an advanced SQL engine and an ODBC driver.

  • Invantive Business

    Invantive Business enables you to run your business processes located in the cloud on Microsoft Windows or from Outlook. This allows on-premises extensions and customizations for a better fit to your business.

  • Invantive BusinessDrive

    Invantive BusinessDrive enables you to work with documents stored in (cloud) applications and databases as if they were stored on a network disk. The folder structure of your documents reflects your business processes as defined in your application.

  • Invantive Data Hub

    Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts across many database and cloud platforms. Ideal for high volume data loads and extractions of cloud applications such as Exact Online or Salesforce.

  • Invantive SQL

    Invantive's custom SQL parser and processing engine is a feature-rich set of SQL statements that allow you to reuse SQL statements across databases and (cloud) applications. The communications protocols with the backend can be chosen flexible, such as REST, XML or a legacy database vendor protocol.

  • Invantive Data Access Point

    Invantive Data Access Point is software that allows exchanging data across various communication protocols. Invantive Data Access Point acts a proxy that enables communication in more protocols than originally provided by the vendor.

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