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Execute queries within Microsoft Excel

Video: Execute Queries and retrieve data from Microsoft Excel with the Invantive Query Tool

Video execute queries within Excel

This video tutorial shows how to execute queries and retrieve data from Microsoft Excel and different databases with our Query Tool. The Invantive Query Tool is a real-time database management solution to execute SQL Queries and PL/SQL. The Query Tool can be found along with Invantive Vision, Invantive Estate, Invantive Control and Invantive producer.

  • Automate processes with the help of Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Immediately group, filter and sort the results in the table on the screen.
  • Print the results or export them to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft XPS.
  • Real-time database and data warehousing.
  • Edit a real-time warehouse using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Direct connect via Oracle SQL*Net or via web tunneling software.
  • Analyze the execution plan of a SQL statement.
  • No Oracle software installation needed.

Contact us and discoverhow to manage your Excel data with the Invantive Query Tool.

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