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Can I use the software in all countries supported by Exact Online?

You can use the software in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and United States. The software is not supported for use with Exact Online in France or Spain.

On initial startup the available countries will be automatically configured as a connection. When we add support for Exact Online in additional countries, an upgrade will automatically add connections for the additional countries.

Support and Maintenance

How do I force an upgrade?

On startup, the application checks whether there is a new release available by default once every 7 days. If so, it will offer you the possibility to upgrade. You can however force the check for a new release. To force the check for a new release, please go to the Help menu and then choose "Diagnostics". You will see a tab "Upgrade Software". In that tab choose: "Check for updates". An upgrade can take up to 5 minutes depending on your available bandwidth. Please restart the application once the upgrade says it has finished.

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