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Ik heb veel plezier in het verbeteren van bedrijfsprocessen door het combineren van technologie, processen en ouderwets ambachtelijk werken. Het maakt niet uit of dat gaat over vastgoedontwikkeling, software voor vastgoedontwikkeling of het verder helpen van projectmatig werkende bedrijven. Mijn grootste toegevoegde waarde zit 'm er in dat ik in staat ben om vanuit details naar een helikopter view te gaan en weer terug. Daarnaast kom ik graag tot resultaten.

Graduation assignment Online Marketing and Offline Marketing within "customer journey" (Harderwijk)

Invantive aims itself strongly on online marketing so that we only have to use the sales instrument if there is a need for it with the prospect. In 2013 we work with own research on the real time scoring of the online marketing results; we do this on the basis of the "customer journey". In that model for the scoring of leads we also need to process the offline marketing activities.

Goal of the graduation assignment is also to visualize the offline element of the "customer journey", to relate it to its online part of its journey to a company solution and to partake in the real-time lead scoring.

Graduation assignment computer sciences College - University

Are you looking for a College/University internship assignment Computer Sciences? Perhaps you have found it! Invantive B.V. is looking for a College/University Computer Sciences intern to further develop Invantive Studio. Invantive Studio is a development environment for the construction of business critical applications with integrated real-time data warehouse. Within the internship you will further develop the “version control system” of Invantive Studio.

Strategic real estate policy in healthcare

By taking a new direction the government wants to reform the health care sector from a supply-and risk-free system to a system where the care institutions themselves act as enterprises triggered by means of performance-related compensation.

VET internship graphic design at recognized training company Invantive B.V. (reference: t20298).

Are you looking for an enjoyable and educational internship as graphic designer? And do you want to leave behind a lasting impression? You may have already found it! Invantive B.V. is looking for a graphic designer (M/F) that is looking to set the first step in an exciting graphic arts career!

Adjustment support procedure for more control on your budget

The costs for advice are not covered by the standard support contract. That is why invoiced are sent monthly for the time allocation outside of the support contract. Sometimes these invoices are unexpected or their size is unexpected. At Invantive we do not like it either if a high cellphone bill arrives or, for example, a legal advisor spends a lot of time to a question that could be dealt with by telephone or where extra budget would have been calculated for. To help our relations to keep control on their budgets, we have adjusted the procedure for the provision of support.

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