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Ik heb veel plezier in het verbeteren van bedrijfsprocessen door het combineren van technologie, processen en ouderwets ambachtelijk werken. Het maakt niet uit of dat gaat over vastgoedontwikkeling, software voor vastgoedontwikkeling of het verder helpen van projectmatig werkende bedrijven. Mijn grootste toegevoegde waarde zit 'm er in dat ik in staat ben om vanuit details naar een helikopter view te gaan en weer terug. Daarnaast kom ik graag tot resultaten.

Determining if and which version of Invantive Composition is available for Word

Determine if Invantive Composition has been installed for Word and which version is being used.

Developing real estate with client focus according to uncle Cor

Sometimes I encounter nice initiatives, in this case that is 'Ome Cor' (Uncle Cor). Uncle Cor sees beautiful real estate every day that has been uninhabited way too long. Are you passionate about a certain location? Uncle Cor will help you realize your idea.

The Architect and BIM: the end?

Autodesk Revit and C#, Autodesk Revit, BIM - these are aids and technology. What I personally find more interesting is what the modern developments mean for the job of architects. Architects like to be seen as creative, but according to the BNA, the role of an architect is more and more to coordinate. That is a weird combination. It is not a good combination to apply systematic automation with BIM wilst each party has different wishes about responsibilities regarding the complete design.

Import products from Webshop NB_Store of Invantive Vision

NB_Store is a free eCommerce module that enables you to open a webshop on the internet. Thanks to the different language options, the speed and the customization options, NB_Store is regularly used instead of Magento or OpenCart. It is possible to manually enter eCommerce data in NB_Store, but if there are several sales channels, that will cost a lot of time. Invantive Vision therefore offers the possibility to import parts of the product range into NB_Store. This blog describes the steps required to import the desired assortment into NB_Store.

ORA-28784 error notification in the use of bubs_http_util

The Invantive products contain an extended PL/SQL library which allows you to execute conversions, have web services for the retrieval and approach of the Cadaster, Chamber of Commerce or sales informations, request web pages and to start background processes. One of the packages in the PL/SQL library is "bubs_http_util". An ORA-28784 error can occur with the use of the PL/SQL package bubs_http_util. You will then also see "SYS.UTL_HTTP" in the call stack. There is no public documentation available of this error. You will receive an explanation on how to prevent an ORA-28784.

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