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Profitable Data

  • invantivecomposition
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    Invantive Composition for Word merges high-quality data in your enterprise databases with proven templates into Microsoft Word documents. Invantive Composition improves efficiency and reduces errors and costs in creating business essential documents. This enables you to better run your business with less legal issues due to incomplete or incorrect documents.

  • invantivecontrol
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    Invantive Control for Excel is the bridge between your unstructured business data in Microsoft Excel and your strategic plan. Invantive Control delivers a financial reporting framework to structure your financial strategy. This enables you to manage your strategic plans within your business rules.

  • invantivebusinessdrive
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    Invantive BusinessDrive enables you to work with documents stored in (cloud) applications and databases as if they were stored on a network disk. The folder structure of your documents reflects your business processes as defined in your application. New versions of documents are automatically exchanged with your application. Access privileges are automatically enforced as determined by your application.

  • invantivebusiness for outlook
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    Invantive Business for Microsoft Outlook leverages the incredible power of your business data. Through a deep integration with Microsoft Outlook, you can easily access your business data.

Project Planning and Execution

  • invantivevision
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    Invantive Vision is an advanced customizable software solution for companies and organizations acquiring and executing projects. With consistent and structured project planning, allocation of employees and resources, cost and budget reports Invantive Vision helps to effectively complete projects on budget and on time.

  • invantiveestate
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    Invantive Estate provides you with all the insights needed to mitigate real estate development risks and successfully complete your projects. Invantive Estate empowers you to transform your data into financial statements, uncover threats and turn risks into opportunities.

  • invantivebusiness
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    Invantive Business enables you to run your business processes located in the cloud on Microsoft Windows. This allows on-premises extensions and customizations for a better fit to your business.

  • invantivescheduler
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    Invantive Scheduler accelerates your business processes without increasing costs. You can generate, process, store and distribute documents in the background. Plus graphically design and execute data transfers.

Software Engineering

  • invantivestudio
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    Invantive Studio enables you to automate and coordinate all your activities associated with software engineering. You will be able to automate software engineering processes such as: design, development, testing, analysis, implementation and maintenance with ease.

  • invantiveproducer
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    Invantive Producer is a rich and a innovative software engineering environment to model and develop business rules-based software and applications. Invantive Producer can be used for the realization of data-intensive, transaction-based and business critical financial systems.

  • invantivebridge
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    Invantive Bridge enables you to connect your applications and data using the same technical features as offered by the range of Invantive products. Invantive Bridge provides cloud connectivity as well as an advanced SQL engine and an ODBC driver.

In Touch With Your Data

  • invantivedata hub
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    Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts across many database and cloud platforms. Ideal for high volume data loads and extractions of cloud applications such as Exact Online or Salesforce.

  • invantivequery tool
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    The Invantive Query Tool empowers you to access your real-time data warehouse and execute queries to create business reports. This enables you to extract information such as billable hours, project and process activities, employee leave and attendance with ease.

  • invantiveweb service
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    The Invantive Web Service cloud-enables your existing user applications. This enables your users to work with your applications at any time and any place with easy and secure connections across the internet to your enterprise resources.

  • onlineSQL editor
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    With the free Online SQL Editor you can perform queries online through any modern web browser. The Online SQL Editor can easily connect with one or multiple of your Exact Online administrations at once, after which you can process, store and export your data. This gives you, regardless the location or operating system you use, real-time insight into your business data and allows you to visualize opportunities and threats in an early stage.

  • invantivedata access point
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    Invantive Data Access Point is both online and on-premises software that allows exchanging data across various communication protocols. Invantive Data Access Point acts a proxy that based upon legacy and/or Invantive SQL statements exchanges data using ten protocols such as RSS, XML or JSON even when the backend database and/or (cloud) application does not support the requested protocol.

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Exact Online Manufacturing query of the day January 30, 2016 from Pieter Hamans

Comment and challenge us to get your cloud-based data delivered to you.

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Invantive Data Access Point provides you with approximately 10 new communication protocols to execute actions on Exact Online, in additional to REST and...

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Invantive provides a wide range of applications deployed through ClickOnce. They can be statically deployed too for server environments. Learn how to deploy...

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Use Excel formulas to retrieve any data from Exact Online

Use Excel formulas to retrieve any data from Exact Online

Flush my Exact Online XML cache

All Invantive products maintain an in-memory cache of previously retrieved data from Exact Online for better user experience and less coffee breaks.

Invantive enables Microsoft Power BI on Exact Online

The beta program of the Microsoft Power BI connection for Exact Online is being launched today.

Sold items per parent company of customers in Exact Online

Retrieve item sales information from Exact Online in a specific date period with Invantive SQL.

Invantive SQL Grammar and Exact Online

What SQL functions are available?

Where to go for the machine parts? (Exact Online manufacturing)

Retrieve BOM using SQL and Exact Online

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